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Битвы за Ривер

Omnia explicare possum!
Eleventh Doctor Matt Smith was previously quoted as saying he was possessive over both Alex and her character River telling the audience at New Orleans Comic Con last year;
"I'm really possessive over Alex. I said this to Steven. I was like, ‘Listen, just don’t! Just not Alex. Anyone else, but don’t give Capaldi River... I am really proud of the fact that Alex was part of number Eleven’s life. My wife!”

And it seems that Matt didn't take it too well when he found out the plan to team up Alex with Peter for the new episode, Alex told the RadioTimes.com: “He was very cross with me, and on my wedding day! I hadn't told him, I hadn't told anybody. And he found out. I don't want to say what he said, but he was cross! I just had to remind him that he and Peter Capaldi are the same man - and so was David."

Meanwhile David Tennant is used to keeping secrets about his high profile projects including the hugely popular Broadchurch and Marvel's Jessica Jones, but was shocked to find Alex was as tight lipped as her character when they ran in to one another at the Hollywood Bowl...

Steven Moffat told RadioTimes.com "I'm quite happy that [the former Doctors] are all a bit sulky. I think David was a bit hacked off, actually. Because – and this actually happened – Russell T Davies and David bumped into Alex in the Hollywood Bowl and David said, 'Did I hear that you're back in Doctor Who?' and she said, 'Yes I am.' And then David asked 'What's happening?' And she just went, 'Spoilers!' She actually said it. In real life! "

Это моя жена, кричал Элевен, не смей отдавать её Капальди! Ох, божечки.

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И тогда Доктор сказал

Omnia explicare possum!
Итак, что нам рекомендует Доктор?
Не моргать
Не дышать
теперь вот Не спать
Что будет дальше? Не выходи из комнаты?

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У царя Мидаса ослиные уши